The Bible is the best success training manual ever written. Pastor Brad regularly brings out the practical application of the Bible to the every day life of people from diverse backgrounds.

Matthew 25:21 says, " were faithful over a few things, I will make you ruler over many things." God rewards effort! Later in that parable Jesus makes it clear that, to never do anything (laziness), being unproductive, is sin. 

Many people have reached the place of being unemployable due to a variety of circumstances. This results in the destruction of a person's self worth and confidence. We teach people to DO SOMETHING!

1. Pray and read your Bible.

2. Find a job.

3. If you cannot find a job, do something to help someone!

4. Volunteer! Some of the people we minister to eat at "Good                 Neighbor Settlement House" so we recommend volunteering there

    or other places.

‚Äč5. Be reliable! Do what you say you will do.


As a person becomes helpful and productive at whatever level they can, with whatever abilities they have;

1.They start seeing themselves being used by God! 

2.Their self worth, confidence, and abilities increase.

3. Others see them as useful.

4. Some become employable.

5. Some remain great volunteers.


The ladies at Embassy Of The Spirit cook a great meal for the congregation every Monday night. Everyone eats together after the service. It is free for everyone. This removes the stigma of some being able to pay and others not being able. If someone wants to donate, the offering basket is still there on the pulpit. It is a great time of fellowship and allows everyone to leave with a full stomach. We have a small food pantry for those who need to take a small amount of non-perishable food with them.


Faith Church has been blessing us with the use of their small bus. Every Monday night we pick people up for service downtown at two locations:

* The plaza on Adams between E. 11th Street and E. 12th Street at about 5:45pm.


* The Good Neighbor Settlement house at about 6pm.

After church we take them back to the same locations or to their homes.

When we occupy the building God showed us downtown, we will be where many of the people are that we minister to. Since we will be so close to the bridge crossing into Mexico, we will also have the impact on Matamoros, Mexico that God intended.

Homeless Ministry in Brownsville